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Step into the 360° virtual tour to immerse yourself in the vision of Riyadh in 2030. Explore the city’s highlights by dragging and clicking on the hotspots, and discover what makes Riyadh an exceptional destination to host the World Expo 2030.

An inviting way to welcome guests and the world to experience a destination where it is already tomorrow. Linked to our Main Theme “Together for a Foresighted Tomorrow”. Encapsulate the promise of a better future collaboratively built, collectively lived.

Showcase the readiness of Riyadh to host World Expo 2030 by demonstrating its core assets, its quality-of-life offering and the business and leisure proposition of KSA as a whole. This objective is brought alive through various experiences:

King Salman Airport Experience

Guests will be welcomed with Saudi coffee and mocktail. Hostesses and crew members will warmly welcome the public.

Welcome to King Salman International Airport (KSIA), the future of aviation and a gateway to the city of Riyadh.
As a bridge between the east and west, KSIA will offer a city-like experience that reimagines the traditional welcome and uses technology to enhance the visitors’ experience.

Metro to Riyadh City Experience

Guests are invited to discover the map of the lines which will highlight strategic points such as Riyadh Expo 2030. From within the metro looking out, each window is a screen. To one side, the guest sees the skyline of Riyadh in 2023. To the other side the guests sees the skyline of Riyadh in 2030. Animated textual messaging communicates that Riyadh is ready today. Secondary narrative: Riyadh and all its attractions are well connected. There will be specially curated on-the-go snacks and beverages for this zone.

As the backbone of the public transport network in Riyadh, the Metro Project will transport 3.6 million passengers per day at full capacity. Connecting the proposed Expo 2030 site with the international airport and the rest of the city, Riyadh Metro will be the most convenient way to visit The World Expo. At the exhibit, see the wonderful city of Riyadh and its many future projects.

Riyadh 2030 & beyond: Mega Projects

An immersive space with 2 giant curved screens facing each other to present 4 Mega Projects, one by one. After this immersive experience, visitors head for Sports Boulevard alley, to discover this 5th mega project.

Riyadh’s future projects highlight the Kingdom’s efforts toward economic, social, and cultural diversification. Each project will open new areas of economic activity, create jobs and drive economic development in line with Vision 2030.
In addition, they will enhance the quality of life for residents, offer new experiences to visitors, and provide a blueprint for the future of urban sustainable development.


Sports Boulevard

After this immersive experience, visitors head for Sports Boulevard alley, to discover this 5th mega project.

Sports Boulevard will connect the city from east to west, extending for 135 kilometers. It will include cycling tracks, horseback riding trails, jogging pathways, sports and cultural centers.


Riyadh Expo 2030: Master Plan

At the heart of the Grand Palais Ephemere, is Riyadh Expo 2030 with its crown jewel – the Masterplan. Key experience of the event, it will reveal the plan for hosting the Riyadh Expo 2030 and its related concept.

This zone can be accessed through 4 different entrances including a direct access from Welcome Area. The Masterplan is dramatically revealed through a custom created immersive experience delivered an approximate 4 minutes show, displayed on 4 screens and a central podium, which interact with each other. Kinetic typography explains the concept and intent behind Riyadh Expo 2030, bringing it alive through various facets of the Masterplan.

A voiceover will guide visitor through the concept and a sign language interpreter will also be on hand.

KSA Land of Opportunities

Vision 2030 is unleashing exceptional growth across several promising sectors, providing untapped opportunities for business growth and success throughout the Kingdom.

– Neom
– The Red Sea
– Amaala
– AlUla
– Soudah
– Al Madinah
– Jeddah Central

Saudi Business Centre

Bridging the transition between Riyadh Expo 2030 and the subsequent experience Land of Opportunities, is Saudi Business Centre Primary Narrative. A single click, single step, single stop solution to your Expo Pavillion Secondary Narrative. A single point of contact to a limitless spectrum of opportunities in the Kingdom Key messages. Pre-entry market intelligence, efficient and frictionless digital platform, capacity builder and match maker, B2B, B2G, G2G.

Arts and Culture

The richness of KSA cultural heritage, strength of the kingdom manifests in the cultural wealth of today. Culture that echoes in the ancient relics of Al Ula, that embellishes the doors of Diriyah but also that pulsates with the energy of tomorrow through projects like MDLBeast, the Riyadh Season, Riyadh Art.

Primary Narrative: KSA is an ancient land, and the birthplace of several milestones of human civilization.
Secondary Narrative: Culture is a timeless energy which constantly powers KSA to challenge and reinvent itself; culture inspires our past, energises our present and inspires our tomorrow.

Saudi Arabian culture is true to its past and looks to the future by cherishing heritage and unleashing new and inspiring forms of expression for all.

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    © 2023 | Riyadh Expo 2030. All Rights Reserved

    © 2023 | Riyadh Expo 2030. All Rights Reserved