RCRC hosts UNESCO delegates at Riyadh Expo 2030 exhibition

21 September 2023, Riyadh: The Royal Commission for Riyadh City, the government entity leading Saudi Arabia’s bid to host World Expo 2030, is currently organizing an interactive exhibition on Riyadh Expo 2030.

The exhibition held at the Faisaliah Tower from 10 to 25 September was attended by the members of the UNESCO delegation. It was held on the sidelines of the Kingdom’s hosting of the 45th Expanded Session of the World Heritage Committee taking place in Riyadh from 10 to 25 September. Saudi Arabia currently holds the presidency of the World Heritage Committee under UNESCO.

HE Rakan bin Ibrahim Al-Tawq, Assistant Minister of Culture, visited the exhibition that highlighted Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage, as well as the culture that reflects the youthful and welcoming spirit of the Kingdom. The exhibition represented the human and civilizational richness and development of the Kingdom.

Engineer Abdulaziz Alghannam, the Technical Director of the Riyadh Expo 2030 bid said the purpose of the UNESCO delegation’s visit to the exhibition was to raise awareness about Riyadh Expo 2030. The delegates were informed about Riyadh city’s developmental projects that will be ready by 2030, the year when the Kingdom’s transformative journey will culminate.

The host city for World Expo 2030 will be selected in November during the 173rd General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), with the participation of representatives from the member countries. The selection will be made through a secret vote, where Riyadh competes against Rome in Italy, and the city of Busan in South Korea.

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    © 2023 | Riyadh Expo 2030. All Rights Reserved